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Stupid Love
You took my hand and led me away
The hall was quiet,
I looked in your eye
and knew you had something to say
I waited there hoping to hear
his words But all he said was
I hope this doesn't hurt "I like you"
Were the three words on his mind
I felt so bad cause I pushed him back
and said I'm a waste of time
A few months later we were back in touch
He said hello and I said hi Turns out he had a new crush
I told him congrats she must be a wonderful girl
All he did was blush
We'd been talking for a year
and I realized I loved him
And I realized I was too late
Shedding a few tears
I don't want to ruin what he had with this girl
But I couldn't help but tell him
"Dear, I've loved you for some time
I was too afraid of my own feelings and I pushed you back
But now I want you to be mine, and I cried because he no longer wanted me
Because he has a soon to be wife And in the moment I swore to myself
That if I had another chance in life I would take it
No regrets.
:iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 1 2
Dinosaur Face Paint by QuarantinedRoses15 Dinosaur Face Paint :iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 0 0 Beauty Isn't Make Up by QuarantinedRoses15 Beauty Isn't Make Up :iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 2 10
You Are My Everything
You are my everything
You are the brightest star
You are my everything
Don't wanna love you from afar
You are my everything
can't stand to be apart
I'm so glad that my sich came true
I'm so happy that I have you
I don't know what would happen if we were apart
but it'd probably break my heart
You know I'd do anything to protect you
Cause you are my everything
I can be the angel to your wings
Just promise me this one thing
That when you're older
You won't forget about meee
You are so beautiful
Even when you're asleep
You are so special
You were made just for me
You bring me happiness
Because your love is priceless
I would give my life up for you
If I needed to
Cause you are my everything
You are my everything
:iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 1 4
You Have No Heart
I remember the beginning
We use to talk for hours past midnight
I thought that we were in sync
We soon realized that we liked each other
I thought that you could be my almost lover
We shared secrets and said things
Then we took the next step and became more then friends
But that didn't last us very long
Cause when summer came you acted like a jerk and tore me apart
I couldn't believe that this was happening
But it seemed to be the start
You have no heart.
Oh oh oh
You have no heart
I ended the relationship
I guess you were mad about that
(oh well)
But I did it for the best
And you could've cared less.
Oh oh
But now that were through
It's about me Not you
Cause I have a heart
:iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 0 0
Candy Conversation
You: Hey Baby Cakes
Me: He suga mama
You: Hey you fine toots.
Me: Awe shucks, you make me blush.
You:Yea I know, all the other fiiine tootsies say so
Me: Are you playing me? I thought I was your one an only? I thought you loved me.
You: hey i gots room in my heart for all the lovely tootsies
Me: You are such a tootsie whore, you son of a snicker
You: hey hey hey now pudding pie what we gots is special, don't take it so hard. No pun intended
Me: I will take it hard. I can't believe your cheating on me with those ugly sweet tarts.
You: Can't you just accept it my ...sweet hart?
Me: No I can't accept that your off  with those baby ruths when i gave you my milky way.
You: Oh honey don't take it like a hard candy. I'll make it up to you, i'll tickle your pickle.
Me: Don't be such a pervert Mr.Goodbar
You: Come on you know you want me to lick your riss with my licorice. I just want to let you taste mah rainbow.
Me: You know what go taste your own rainbow, i don't desrve to be treated li
:iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 1 0
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Dark Side.
There's a place that i know
it's not pretty there and few have ever gone
if i show it to you now
will it make you run away
or will you stay
even if it hurts
even if i try to push you out will you return?
and remind me who i really am
please remind me who i really am
everybody's got a dark side do you love me?
can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it
you know that we're worth it
will you love me?
even with my dark side?
like a diamond
from black dust
it's hard to know what can become If you give up
so don't give up on me
please remind me who i really am
everybody's got a dark side do you love me?
can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it
you know that we're worth it
will you love me?
even with my dark side?
don't run away don't run away
just tell me that you will stay
promise me you will stay
don't run away don't run away
just promise me you will stay promise me you will stay
will you love me? ohh
everybody's got a dark side do you love me?
:iconquarantinedroses15:QuarantinedRoses15 0 2


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hi I'm Layla. This is my new deviantart page. I needed to start fresh. My old one is dbsktvxqlover. Please follow me on Twitter .
In my spare time i occasionally do photography. I got so inspired by the view outside my window, i took pictures of the same place throughout the whole year. It was pretty in all four seasons. By the way i live in Alaska.
I also draw, sketch. And I use colored pencils... They work wonderfully.
Music is my life. I can't go a day without listening to some form of music. It inspires me, and just makes me happy.
I also am writing a couple books. I am not going to give you all of my writing, but i will often put up pieces of my writing from some of my books. :)
  • Listening to: Imagine - John Lennon
  • Reading: Angel Burn
  • Playing: Sims 2
  • Eating: Cheese Crisp
  • Drinking: Water
I need you.


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